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Gordon established Gordies Used Appliances in his garage in 1977, using his knowledge from his schooling at  Perry Tech, working at Bekins for 19 years and his overall talent for mechanical things. Him and his wife Florence moved the business to where it is today on 3rd Avenue in 1978.

Gordonís sons, first Randy then Mike, learned from Gordy after school and on weekends. Then fulltime after graduating from high school here in the valley in 1982.

The boys took over the business in 1992 so Gordon could travel and retire to Arizona where he past away in 2001.

The boysí step-mom Wanda came to work at Gordies as a secretary in 2001 and has learned quite a lot from them. She can assist customers in most repair related problems, help with locating parts, and assist customers in their appliance choices.