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We carry the most common parts in stock here at the store. If we donít have what your needing we can order them and have them here the next day in most cases.

We will need you to call or bring in:

  • Brand name
  • Model number
  • or part number (if you have it)
  • what part you are needing
  • or even better bring in the broken part itself

Any parts over $50.00 must be paid for in advance.


Where is it!

Model numbers can be difficult to find. In most cases Model numbers will be on the machine with the serial number and manufacture name. It will be a sticker, or metal plate.

For Stoves: The model can be located on the frame of the stove when you open the door or the drawer. Some older models use to put a metal plate under the left or right front burner. Sometimes you can find it on the door itself.

For Washers: The model number can be located on the frame of the machine when you lift the lid. Some washers will have a sticker at the top of your control panel towards the back.

For Dryers: The model number is located on the frame when you open the door or on the door itself.  Some older models put a metal plate on the left front corner of the body.

For Refrigerators: The model number can be found either in the fresh food section at the top by your controls, or at the bottom behind or to the side of the bins. Some models have a metal plate on the frame behind the kick plate at the bottom. Older models may have them in harder to get to places that we can help you with.

Most model and serial numbers can be located without having to move the machine. Serial numbers are nice to have but we will only need to have serial numbers if your brand is Maytag or Maytag made. Kenmore products will have 3 numbers and a dot before more numbers. We have to have those 3 numbers. for example: 110.12345678

Model numbers on your manuals are incomplete model numbers.